In Line Centrifugal Fans

They are ideal to intake or exhaust air through circular ducting in: public locals, offices, shops, bars, pools, laboratories, kitchens, toilets, workshops, restaurants etc. The compact steel structure, the external rotor motor and the centrifugal backward bladed impeller ensure: – ease of installation – flexible working by adjusting the rpm – high efficiency – sturdiness and reliabilityDIAM_2013

The fans of RECTA line are designed to be easily installed in rectangular ducts of the same dimensions. Their main characteristics are ease of installation and flexibility of working,given by the perfect regulation of the motor speed.

The SILENT BOX series is composed by cabinet ventilation units acoustically insulated. They are ideal to exhaust or intake the air through the circular ducts in installations as: public locals, offices, shops, bars, gym, laboratories, toilets, workshops, restaurants. The wide thickness of the sound proofing material surrounding the fan, the reduced height encumbrance of the “plenum”, the speed adjustable motor are essential characteristics in all the installations with reduced spaces or low noise level.

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